Frequently Asked Questions

For most divisions, there are 8 trophies awarded
(AAU Divisions differ, please see AAU rules & policies)

Class A divisions are considered amateur divisions while Class AA are professional. Competitors who compete in Class AA are eligible to compete in the overall grand championships for money prizes, can get ratings points (NASKA or other participating organizations) for their performances and also may be considered as a performer in the Nighttime Finals. Class A competitors are not eligible for money prizes, to participate in the Class AA grand championships or to appear in the Nighttime Finals.

Yes (for Class A competitor’s) 
Class A can compete in both A & AA divisions, but NASKA rated competitors may only compete in Class AA.  This applies to Forms, Weapons & Sparring.

Yes, (but not in the same category)
Adults can compete “Down” in age in the 18 and over divisions, but cannot also compete in your true age in the same category.  However, you may compete Down in one category and still compete at your age in the others.

No (except where upgrading  from general admission)
If you are a competitor, you do not need to purchase a general admission spectator ticket because your competition fee includes a 2-day general admission ticket. Competitors may attend the Friday and Saturday eliminations as part of the competition fees. Children 5 and under may spectate at the Friday and Saturday eliminations at no charge.

If the competitor wants to upgrade to a better seat their registration counts as $10 toward the upgrade.

Answer: You can also upgrade to better seating at discounted rates if you are a competitor or purchased a spectator pass for the eliminations.
For non-competitors who are just looking to attend the spectacular Night Time tickets, you can purchase them through the registration portal.

The Creative Division allows modern martial arts techniques. Any move that involves more than a 360 degree spin, requires the body to be inverted more than parallel to the floor or originates from gymnastics and/ or non-martial arts disciplines is strictly prohibited in the Creative Division.

The Extreme Divisions allow the competitor to perform any moves whether they originate from martial arts or not. This category allows for the integration of techniques and movements from martial art styles, gymnastics, acrobatics, dance and athletic disciplines.