Schedule of Events

Friday, August 5

9:00amRegistration Opens
11:30pmOfficials Report to Rings
12:00pmTraditional Challenge (Youth & Adult)
1:00pmTeam Demo, Synchronized Forms, Synchronized Weapons, and Youth Only Open Weight
2:00pmTeam Sparring (Youth Only)
3:00pmBlack Belt (Class A and Class AA) & Under Belt Creative/Musical/Extreme (CMX) Forms, Weapons – Youth & Adult
5:00pmTeam Sparring (Adults) & Open Weight Adult

Saturday, August 6

7:00amRegistration Opens
7:30amOfficials Report to Rings
8:00amNASKA Class AA Only Senior Black Belt Forms, Weapons, and Sparring Divisions (30+, 40+, 50+, 60+ Men and Women)
9:00amClass A Senior Black Belt Traditional Forms & Weapons followed by Sparring
9:00amYouth & Adult Black Belt and Under Belt Traditional Forms & Weapons followed by Sparring (Class A & Class AA)
9:00amAdult Continuous, China Open Divisions, Wu-Shu, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Grappling, Point Muay Thai, Box Kick Throw, Sanda, Classic Kumite, Padded Weapons, Flag Sparring, Point MMA
11:30pmYouth Black Belt Runoffs
1:00pmYouth Continuous Sparring
4:00pmUnder Belt Finals
6:50pmDoors Open Finals
7:00pmFinals Pre-Show
7:30pmFinals Begin
10:00pmClassics Party – Pose Night club for guests staying at the Gaylord